A Trial Run and Holiday Cookie Recipes

Holiday cookie recipes.  Yes, but first… Ever since I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 (which was shortly after I  published my last post) there have been issues with my computer.  I’ve spent a lot of time tracking down the culprit(s) that seemed to kick me off-line and into complete isolation.

Here’s to hoping that I have slayed that dragon!

Other than cookie recipes, I had also planned on sharing a delicious recipe for blueberry muffins  but it’s been so long that I’ve misplaced the recipe (rolling my eyes and scratching my head).  So for now, until I can locate the recipe, I will just share a picture of one.  Sorry…Sweet blueberry muffins - oh yes!In other news, I must tell you how impressed I am with Betty Crocker Gingerbread Limited Edition Cookie Mix.

Gingerbread Cookie Mix

Seriously,  I’m not sure there is a need for me to ever make gingerbread cookies from scratch again.  These are easy to make and delicious!  They remind me of some of the homemade molasses cookies I bake.

Delicious cookies from a mix

As promised, try one of these recipes.  They are great holiday cookies and I am particularly fond of Hershey’s Peanut Butter Blossoms.  Check out these recipes and see which one you’d fancy.

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  1. Windows 10 took lots of getting used to and it still frustrates me at times. I’very been thinking about whipping up a batch of blueberry muffins, thanks for the reminder and Merry Christmas!

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