Spring Projects That Are Keeping Me Busy

Spring gives me a renewed energy and a bounty of creativity.   I have been working on several projects both indoors and out.

My first project is this big arrow sign.  I had hubby make me a few of these with some scrape pine lumber and I am in the process of painting this one.  My plan is to put hooks on it and use it in my freshly painted bathroom to hang towels on.  I’ll share the finished version with you when I’m done.

Get crafty by DIY

I tried a new cake recipe I found on Pinterest and I was extremely disappointed in it.  In defense of the recipe, I may have over mixed this batter which made the cake a bit heavier than I expected.  However, I didn’t change the ingredients and this cake tasted very floury.  I’m not sharing this recipe.  My tried and true frosting was the winner here!

Small Vanilla Cake

I bought some great  looking herbs at the Home Depot for $2.50 each.  Ooh they smell so good!  I’ve got hubby making wood herb box to plant them in.  I’m going to try more container gardening this year.

Spring Herbs

I mulched my flower garden and I’m thinking I need to purchase some more perennials – any suggestions?

Our front steps have been replaced.  This project turned into more work than we expected after we found carpenter ants had taken up residence in the wood behind the old steps.   They are gone now and this doorway is getting a face lift.  Do you know how hard it is for me to decide on a color to paint our front door?  Stay tuned…

Step replacement project

We also have some baby chickens that we will be adding to our flock but I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of them yet.  We are waiting for more warm days before we introduce them to the others.

What projects are you working on this Spring?  Are they inside your house or out?  Or both?

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  1. Hi Eileen! You have been busy! I can’t wait to see all your finished projects! That basil looks good, I can’t wait to plant some herbs as well. I recently moved to a new home and I have a small yard now! And I’m looking to make a couple of raised planting beds. Not sure how to start with that. But I’m envious of your baby chicks. Oh how I wish I could have chickens. You should check out the blog of a friend, Kris, from BigRigsnLilCookies. She’s been raising chickens for a few years now. Going to check out those scrumptious cookies in your previous post now! : )

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