Vintage Camper Remodel

This camper was a diamond in the rough and it became a DIY project that consumed more time, money, and elbow grease then I initially intended to put into it.  But now, I couldn’t be happier with it.

I finally took my friends advise and I’m sharing every post (by link) that I’ve published about the Frolic’s transformation here at The Joy of Caking.

A pink glamper
The Pink Paradise

I have enjoyed using the Pink Paradise as a retreat.  It’s a place to enjoy a glass of wine, share a cozy dinner with my hubby, write, snooze, or sip a cup of coffee and listen to the peaceful sounds of an evening here in the rural countryside.

If you love vintage things, yearn to go glamping (or already do),  or are a do-it-yourselfer then I think you might enjoy reading the story of the Pink Paradise.

My Vintage Travel Trailer; The Beginning

Pink Paradise – Update #1

Pink Paradise – Update #2

Vintage Camper – Pink Paradise – Update #3

Demolition! Vintage Camper Update

Vintage Camper Re-Plumbing – Not A Job For The Faint Hearted

We’ve Finally Made Friends

A New Look For The Joy of Caking and A Frolic Update

Frolic Travel Trailer – Pink Paradise – Update – 2013

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Vintage Camper Bathroom Remodeling Challenges

The 72 Camper Bathroom Remodel is Nearing Completion!

Baby’s Got A New Pair Of Shoes

Camping Without The C, Just Add a G

My First Night of Glamping

Before and After – 1972 Frolic Camper Remodel – Bathroom Door

Share Your Vintage Camper Story

Table for Two in the Pink Paradise

Our Camping Trip At Sampson State Park

How to Survive a Camping Trip – Camp Like a Girl

Vintage Camper Before Remodel
1972 Frolic Before Remodel
1972 Frolic After Remodel (eating area)
Vintage Camper Remodel
1972 Frolic After Remodel (sleeping area)