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  • Country Favorite Molasses Cookies

    Black Strap Molasses Cookie

    Three molasses cookie recipes later.  Could this really be “the one”?             Yes!!  This is the one. I’ve posted three other molasses cookie recipes here at The Joy of Caking and each of the cookies are all very good.  Each cookie has a distinct texture, and all are equally tasty, but this new recipe […]

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  • The Best Zucchini Bread – EVER!

    Zucchini bread topped with cinnamon & sugar and light in texture

    I’ve been busy this week stretching my time between work, more work, hoeing out for a yard sale, and planning our FIRST EVER CAMPING TRIP with the PINK PARADISE. It won’t be long and we’ll officially be christening the camper that we’ve worked so hard to rehabilitate.   Our reservations are booked!  There really is such a fun energy that comes with […]

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  • Summer Vegetable Bake

    We have a small garden and some things grow successfully (like our cucumbers and radishes), and some things don’t grow well, or at all.  This year there is no sign of the green peppers we planted, or the brussel sprouts that I got all excited about growing.    So when our neighbor came over bearing yellow squash, zucchini, red onions and […]