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  • A Trial Run and Holiday Cookie Recipes

    Holiday cookie recipes.  Yes, but first… Ever since I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 (which was shortly after I  published my last post) there have been issues with my computer.  I’ve spent a lot of time tracking down the culprit(s) that seemed to kick me off-line and into complete isolation. Here’s to hoping that I have slayed […]

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  • Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chip Banana Muffins

    Why in the heck does anyone in their right mind decide to bake muffins on a  90+ degree day?  They realize they have bananas piling up on their counter, their freezer is empty of any grab and go breakfast treats, and they haven’t created a blog post for months. Yes, once again, other circumstances have prevented me from spending time baking in my kitchen  and have kept me […]

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  • Kellogg’s Cereal Cookies

    I’ve been pinning a lot of cupcakes and big slices of cake on Pinterest this week and I can tell you that both are super popular right now. So what do I go and bake, knowing that cupcakes and cake drawing masses to my boards?  Cookies!  But not just any cookies, cookies that are a bit healthier and totally delicious.  I’m […]

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  • Chicken With Long Grain & Wild Rice Soup

    This morning when I woke up the shine was shining brightly. I welcomed it after having snow and cold for the last few days. After feeding the hungry birds that have optimistically migrated back to the Finger Lakes Region, and savoring my first cup of coffee, I decided short order that I wanted to spend a good […]

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  • Blonde Brownie Bars for Valentine’s Day

    February has finally arrived here in Upstate New York.  What does that mean?  Blonde Brownie Bars.  Sorry, I got sidetracked for a minute.  It really means cold and blustery winter weather is here.  Lucky us, not! The older I get the less I like the winter months.  I’d rather be sunning myself rather than taking a vitamin D supplement, camping in […]

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  • Homemade Baked Dog Biscuits

    Homemade Dog Biscuits

    Our Christmas tree is up and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at The Joy of Caking.  Now let the baking begin! The first item on my “To Bake List” was homemade dog biscuits.  These  bite sized treats are for sweet little Annie and all her cute furry brothers and sisters – our granddogs. The best part of making homemade dog […]