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  • It’s a Done Deal! And the Recipe for Mini Blueberry Cupcakes

    If I had to describe myself, I’d start with the words determined and persistent, both qualities that came into play when I (a non-techy gal) recently switched my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. After five years of blogging I made the decision to switch to a self-hosted blog because I want to run with the […]

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  • Coming Soon! Mini Blueberry Cupcake Recipe and a New Website

    Okay folks, I have breaking news here at the Joy of Caking! After years of procrastinating. I have finally purchased the web domain www.thejoyofcaking.com.  Yay – happy dance!  And soon (if all goes as planned) I will be moving my site from Wordpress.com to WordPress.org. I hope (more like pray) that in the process I don’t […]

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  • A Simple and Wickedly Good 4th of July Dessert–Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

    Even if you haven’t given  4th of July  dessert a thought at this point I think you might after looking at these pictures of these simple and wickedly good ice cream cookie sandwiches. Of course you can buy cookies from your favorite bakery to make these but they aren’t the same as using chocolate chip […]

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  • Sweet Happenings For Valentine’s Day

    Thanks to Temptation Candy out in California, The Joy of Caking is hosting an awesome Valentine’s Day CHOCOLATE giveaway! Temptation Candy has assured me that one lucky reader of The Joy of Caking will enjoy a package filled with delicious chocolates similar to the ones pictured here. THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED – CONGRATULATIONS TO ZOE […]