Quacks and clucks

I’ve said it before, it’s the simple things in life that make me happy.  Our ducks and one of our roosters enjoyed the nice weather today.  They are took turns bathing in their water dish.   We are raising them for fun and eggs, not meat.  I have to admit they are much more entertaining than I ever thought they would be.


This little guy we call Foghorn Leghorn after the cartoon character created by Robert McKimson.  He is the only rooster  that has shown any interest in crowing so far – and when he does crow, he puffs his little chest out like he’s a big bad chicken.

2 thoughts on “Quacks and clucks

  1. Enjoyed seeing your ducks and rooster! Please don’t eat them, I have 4 mini Lop rabbits. They are just pets and we have fun watching them play in our back yard, my Maltese Bay Lee thinks she is their mother!

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